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Tributary | Environmental Consulting and Legal Representation in Vancouver, BC

Environmental Consulting and Legal Representation in Vancouver, BC

We offer environmental consulting and legal representation in Vancouver, BC, Canada, for your environmental concerns like environmental assessment, environmental permits, contaminated sites, water licenses, and compliance. Reach out to us for more information.

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Environmental assessment and permitting processes

We offer environmental assessment and permitting processes in Vancouver, BC. Here is the detailed information for your environmental concerns:

  • Panel review and joint review panel hearings under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 and the new Impact Assessment Act

  • Applications under B.C. ‘s Environmental Assessment Act

  • Applications for Fisheries and Oceans authorizations and other federal environmental authorizations

  • Water licencing under the B.C. Water Sustainability Act

  • Permit applications under B.C.’s Environmental Management Act

  • Appeals to the B.C. Environmental Appeal Board

  • Environmental assessment in facility applications to the National Energy Board/Canadian Energy Regulator

  • Land use planning processes

  • Water licence and other applications to the Nunavut Water Board, the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board, the Gwich’in Land and Water Board,  the Sahtu Land and Water Board, the Wek’èezhìi Land and Water Board, and the Yukon Water Board

  • Applications for project approvals to the Nunavut Impact Review Board, the Mackenzie Valley Review Board, and the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board

  • Aboriginal consultation requirements for project approval processes

Ariel View of Islands | Environmental Assessment and Permitting Processes in Vancouver, BC
Excavation | Environmental Assessment and Permitting Processes in Vancouver, BC
Firewood | Environmental Assessment and Permitting Processes in Vancouver, BC

Environmental Due Diligence

  • Development of environmental management systems, including corporate environmental policy

  • Compliance with environmental requirements

  • Environmental liability of corporations, directors, officers, employees, contractors, and agents

  • Environmental clauses in agreements and environmental issues in transactions

Windmills on the Green Field | Environmental Assessment and Permitting Processes in Vancouver, BC
  • Contaminated site issues

  • Air quality matters

  • Toxic substances reporting

  • Transportation of dangerous goods matters

  • Issues regarding environmental jurisdiction

  • Administrative law issues

  • Freedom of Information requests

Other Environmental Matters

Environmental Lawyer in Vancouver, BC

Marina | Environmental Lawyer in Vancouver, BC

Diana Valiela is an environmental lawyer in Vancouver, BC, and her experience includes:

    LL.B., University of British Columbia, 1994
    Ph.D. in Zoology, and M.A. in Zoology, Duke University
    B.A. in Biological Sciences, Rutgers University

    Member of the Law Society of British Columbia
    Member of the College of Applied Biology (B.C. RPBio)

  • Past member of the Law Societies of Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon.

    INDEPENDENT LEGAL PRACTICE, January 2010 to present
    LAWSON LUNDELL, LLP: Associate, Partner, and Counsel, 1995-1997 and 1999-2009
    FACULTY OF LAW, U.B.C.: Adjunct Professor, 2007-2009
    NATIONAL ENERGY BOARD: Board Member, 1997-1999
    DAVIS & COMPANY: Articling Student, 1994-1995
    AMBIO ASSOCIATES: Owner and Manager, 1991-1994
    ENVIRONMENT CANADA: Head, Research and Ecotoxicology Division, and Head, Water Quality and Environmental Quality Objectives Division, Pacific & Yukon Region, 1983-91


Special Appointments and Committees:

  • Appointed to the Public Review Panel on the environmental assessment of the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada (2016)

  • Appointed to the Public Review Panel on the Federal Moratorium on B.C. Offshore Oil and Gas by the Minister of Natural Resources Canada (2003)

  • Appointed to the National Energy Board by federal Order-in-Council (1997)

  • Research Co-ordinator, Environment Canada Fraser River Action Plan (1991)

  • Member of the Steering Committee, Multi-Stakeholder Working Group on Management of Pulp Mill Effluents in B.C. (1991)

  • Environment Canada representative to the Water Quality Objectives Sub-committee, Standing Committee on Water Quality Plan, Fraser River Estuary Management Program, Canada-B.C. Agreement (1986-91)

  • Canadian co-chairperson of two International Joint Commission Flathead River committees (Water Quality and Quantity and Water Quality Criteria). Directed bilateral scientific committees in evaluating the current state of water quality and quantity in the Flathead River and predicting the transboundary water impacts of a proposed coal mine, including impacts of forest harvesting, road building, and coal mining (1985-88)

  • Team member and Acting Director, University of British Columbia-Universidad Nacional del Altiplano interuniversity project on water and aquatic resource management in Lake Titicaca, Peru; project funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (1981-83)

Legal services are offered to governments, boards and tribunals, companies and other organizations, as well as to individuals, regarding environmental issues in a variety of sectors:

  • Mining, including exploration, development, operation, and closure

  • Transportation, including shipping, port facilities, marinas, rail, roads and ice roads, public transit, airports and runways

  • Real estate, including contaminated sites, protected areas, and land for natural resource project development

  • Water use projects

  • Aquaculture and fisheries

  • Forestry and forest product manufacturing

  • Energy, including hydroelectricity, oil and gas, pipelines, wind, utilities

  • Waste management, including sewage treatment and landfilling

  • Agriculture, including greenhouse agriculture

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Below are some works, contribution, reports, and articles of Diana Valiela about environmental law in Vancouver, BC.​

Books & Chapters

  • Valiela, D., 1984. Improving Predictive Performance and Usefulness of Biological Environmental Impact Assessment: Experimental Impact Studies and Adaptive Impact Assessment. In: Hart, S. L., Enk, G.A., and Hornick, W. F. (Eds.), Improving Impact Assessment: Increasing the Relevance and Utilization of Scientific and Technical Information. Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado, 440 pp.

  • Ward, D. Valiela,1978. Biological Environmental Impact Studies: Theory and Methods. Academic Press, N.Y., 157 pp.

Environmental Law in Vancouver, BC


Selected published reports and articles

  • Priddle, R., Scott, D., and Valiela, D., 2004. Report of the Public Review Panel on the Government of Canada Moratorium on Offshore Oil and Gas Activities in the Queen Charlotte Region British Columbia. Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa.​

  • Valiela, D., and Stevenson, N., 2000. Redeveloping a Commercial or Industrial Property: My Site is Contaminated. What Do I Do Now? Canadian Property Management, May/June 2000.

  • Stevenson, N., and Valiela, D. 2000. Redeveloping a Contaminated Property: How to Obtain Approval and Other Remediation Tips. Canadian Property Management, April 2000.

  • Valiela, D., and 8 other authors, 1987. Water Quality and Quantity Committee Report, Flathead River International Joint Commission Study, Ottawa and Washington, 192 pp.

  • Valiela, D., and 5 other authors, 1987. Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Selected Variables in the Canadian Portion of the Flathead River Basin, B.C., Canada. Water Quality Criteria Subcommittee Report, Flathead River International Joint Commission Study, Ottawa and Washington, 76 pp.

  • Gunn, R., Valiela, D., and Green, W., 1983. Review of Species Available for Mariculture in B.C. Industrial Development Subsidiary Agreement Research Report, B.C. Ministry of Industry and Small Business Development, Victoria, 94 pp.
    Valiela, D., 1979. Oyster Ecology and Culture in British Columbia. Vol. I of the B.C. Oyster Industry: Policy Analysis for Coastal Resource Management. Technical Report #19, Westwater Research Centre, U.B.C., Vancouver, 34 pp.

  • Valiela D., 1979. Policies for Development of the B.C. Oyster Industry: Analysis Based on a Computer Simulation Model. Vol. III of the B.C. Oyster Industry: Policy Analysis for Coastal Resource Management. Technical Report #21, Westwater Research Centre, U.B.C., Vancouver, 68 pp.

  • Valiela, D., and Kistritz, R.U., 1979. Dependence of Salmon and Fraser Estuarine Marsh Ecosystems: A Simulation Analysis. Technical Report #18, Westwater Research Centre, U.B.C., Vancouver, 51 pp.

  • Dorcey, A.H.J., Northcote, T.G. and Ward, D. Valiela, 1978. Are the Fraser Marshes Essential to Salmon? Lecture Report #1, Westwater Research Centre, U.B.C., Vancouver, 29 pp.


Selected presentations and unpublished reports

  • “The James Island Court Case: Implications for Remediation Projects” Presentation at the Fifth Annual Conference of the Science Advisory Board for Contaminated Sites in British Columbia, Sept. 24, 2015.

  • “Updates on Environmental Assessment in B.C. - from Legislation to Application”, presentation at Insight Conference, Nov. 18, 2013

  • “Current Fisheries Issues in Environmental Assessmentand Permitting”, presentation at Insight Conference, Jan. 25-26, 2012

  • “MiningWatch Canada v. Canada (Fisheries and Oceans), 2010 SCC 2”, presentation at ‘Reflections on the Red Chris Mine Decision’, UBC's Centre for Global Environmental and Natural Resource Law and the Liu Institute for Global Issues, Feb. 11, 2010.

  • “Water Law and Regulation North of 60°”, Obtaining and Securing Project Approvals North of 60°, Canadian Institute conference, Edmonton, Alberta, April 2009.

  • “Legal Issues in Environmental Assessment in British Columbia”, Northeast B.C. Oil & Gas, Lawson Lundell Environmental seminar, Calgary, Alberta, March 2008.

  • “Environmental Assessment North of 60°: Dealing with Multiple EA Processes”, Environmental Law North of 60°, Canadian Institute conference, Edmonton, Alberta, November 2007.

  • “Expanding Environmental Regulatory Authority and Enforcement”, The New World of Environmental Exposure in Canada: Environmental Liability and Insurance Solutions, Canadian Risk and Insurance Management Society webinar, Vancouver, BC, September 2007.

  • “Dealing with Mining Legacy – Some Canadian Approaches”, International Mining and Oil and Gas Law, Development, and Investment, Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 2007.

  • Effects of Land Claims Agreements on Environmental Impact Assessment” , The 8th Annual Aboriginal Land and Resource Management Forum, Insight Information Co. conference, Vancouver, BC, November 2006.

  • “Environmental Liability of Directors and Officers”. Contaminated Sites in B.C., Pacific Business and Law Institute conference, Vancouver, BC, February 2006.

  • “Will Power Generation Plants be Included in the Review for Approval of Energy Transmission Facilities?” B.C. Energy – The New Playing Field. Canadian Institute conference, Dec. 9‑10, 2002 (with J. McLean).

  • “Principal Federal Legislative Jurisdiction Affecting Water Resources”, Canadian Water Law, Law Seminars International conference, Vancouver, BC, October 1999.

  • “Key Provincial Environmental Legislation Affecting Forest Practices”, Ensuring Compliance with Forestry Law in B.C. Canadian Institute conference, Nov. 28 & 29, 1996 (with R. Andreone).

  • “Policy and Legislation for control of non-point source pollution”. B.C. Ministry of Environment Workshop on Non-Point Source Pollution, March 1995.

  • “Canadian Marine Water Quality Guidelines”. Environment Canada/Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment 1995 (with L. Thomas).

  • “Draft Recommended Marine Water Quality Guidelines for Aquatic Life”. Ambio Associates report under contract to Environment Canada, 1993.

  • “Biodiversity Issues in British Columbia: a Review and Analysis”. Ambio Associates report under contract to West Coast Environmental Law Association, 1992.

  • “Conclusions and Recommendations for a Marine Environmental Quality Monitoring Network: Pacific Coast”. Ambio Associates report and workshop under contract to Environment Canada. 1991.

Thank you for your interest in our environmental legal services in Vancouver, BC. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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